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Use it to give live product demos, web cast or show your latest photos to friends.

Guests view the pictures on your own web site or under
  Show friends your latest photos LIVE on the internet.

  Give LIVE presentations or product demos!

  Publish LIVE pictures from your webcam.

  Surf together with friends on the internet.
Just a web browser is needed.

Easy to install, easy to use.

NEW! ShowMyScreen 3 is now available for download!
Now you can publish LIVE images direct from your webcam!

ShowMyScreen for Android
The ShowMyScreen-Version for Android is now available:
Download from the Google Market

ShowMyScreen for IPhone und Co!
We are planning to publish ShowMyScreen-Versions for Iphone und Ipad soon. Tell us what you think!

Add it to your homepage by including just one simple line of html!
Your Web site visitors can then view your live pictures directly!