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Here you can view your contact's computer screen - LIVE and for FREE!

       - just as though you were looking directly at their PC Monitor!

  • No extra software needed!
    • No Browser-Plugins
    • No Cookies
    • Not even Javascript is required!

Directions for use

Just type in the required name/number in the contact box above and click "Show me now".

Ask your contact to provide you with the name (or number) needed to view their screen.

Tips and tricks

  • The image is shown in it's original size - so the larger the browser window, the more you can see (you can always scroll to see the parts not shown!).
  • Use the function key F11 to put your browser into full screen mode. Press it again to toggle back to normal mode. (MS-Internet Explorer & Mozilla-Firefox)
    • in full screen mode you can see as much of the image as possible - without having to scroll.
  • To stop, just shut the browser window (or tab) containing the image.
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