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A picture says more than a thousand words.

You know it all too well.

Many telephone calls would be much shorter if you could show a few pictures to explain what you mean.

But a solution must be quick and easy to use..

and you cannot expect your contacts to install unknown software on their system..

The simplest concepts are the best!

ShowMyScreen saves the contents of your screen as a normal JPEG image on the internet.

Your guests view the pictures on normal html pages in their web browser.

You decide how often the pictures are updated.

One product, many uses.

  • Privately, you can use ShowMyScreen to show friends and relatives your latest pictures.
  • Together with a Web-Cam you can create live picture Streams - for example for the remote surveillance of premises or to monitor children sleeping in other rooms.
  • Companies can use ShowMyScreen to give live presentations and product demos on the internet.
  • ShowMyScreen is the perfect, inexpensive tool to make your telephone conferences more effective!
  • Schools can use ShowMyScreen to monitor the PCs in a classroom.


To use ShowMyScreen two components are needed:

1. The software ShowMyScreen.exe is needed to capture the screen content and save it as a JPEG image on a web server.

  • The JPEG image is sent as a HTML-POST-Request to the web server.
  • Local, existing settings for internet connections are used.
  • If a proxy is used, the existing settings are used automatically.

2. A ShowMyScreen Server.

  • All licenced users can use the ShowMyScreen-Demo-Server free of charge.
  • This means that friends, relatives and customers can view your pictures for free under
  • For experts, a PHP-Script ShowMyScreen.php is shipped with the software.
    • With this script you can easily install your own ShowMyScreen-Server. The web server can be in your local network or on the internet.
    • The PHP-Code is shipped in plaintext and can be altered to meet your individual needs.
    • You need a web server (for example IIS or Apache) or a Hosting Package with PHP support (Version 4 upwards)
      No database is needed.
  • To install the script, just copy the file onto the web server and change the settings in ShowMyScreen.exe as appropriate.
    • The PHP-Script requires write and delete permissions for the installation directory on the web server.
A tool that no salesperson will want to miss!
With ShowMyScreen you can give LIVE Powerpoint-Presentations & product demos, while you are speaking to customers on the telephone!
Show friends & relatives your latest pictures!
It's so easy!
Just start a slideshow in ShowMyScreen & view the pictures on your own PC!